Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Theysken's Theory Pre fall 2012

Olivier Theyskens has earned several monikers over the course of his career, one of his loving nicknames being the Prince of Darkness. So when the Belgian-born, New York–based designer says he wants to go a little darker with his line for Theory, one can only imagine the ethereal storm cloud of ideas swirling in his mind’s eye. As it happens, one of the starting points for pre-fall was light, and specifically the way it refracts off translucent surfaces. He took a series of photos of an iridescent prism, and the resulting images were abstracted to form woozy puddles of color on silk shirtdresses and button-downs. One photo print on a long diaphanous white dress looked like daisies scattered in the wind, certainly more romantic than melancholic. Ditto for the sheer black leggings encrusted with flower-like arrangements of beads and sequins- VOGUE


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